Stonehaven Pinhook



How we do this?


We buy higher value assets, while looking for value at the sale.  The fact remains, weanlings typically sell for less than yearlings.  Many factors come in to play, and while anything can happen, this is a reality.  The more high quality stock we can purchase as weanlings will allow for a higher value sale prospect you have. The higher value growth and revenue returns on investment.


The most important aspects are purchasing the right animal and preparation to sell.  With our more than 40 years combined experience of prepping million dollar prospects, we confidently raise them and bring to sale, placing them where they will stand out and realize their ultimate potential.


What we do?


As partners of ours, not only clients, know that we invest with you, specifically half of the total partnership, by taking on more risk we are diversifying our portfolio with you. Transparency and integrity are our basis of business.


The total investment will be no more than $2 million, minimum investment per will be $100,000.  In setting these goals we allow for the purchase of at minimum weanling or short yearlings between the sales in November and February of the sale year.  By purchasing multiple horses we are taking into account that not all will give us a strong ROI but an high average over the group.


Funds will be due November of the weanling year.  Initial investments will cover purchase price, management commissions and expenses to be incurred until the sale of the stock.  


Being involved with this syndication provides many opportunities for clients to enjoy and learn more about this investment.  The more time you spend on this business venture may increase your tax write offs. You will want to discuss this with your tax advisor.


Why we do this Weanling to Yearling Pinhooks?


Horses, specifically Thoroughbreds, can be risky but the opportunity still exists to earn significant return on investments.


Why not other types of horses?  It costs as much to board and care for a horse that sells for $50,000 with the saddle and tack, or a low end broodmare as it does for a high end thoroughbred that can sell for millions.


While breeding was our initial foret into Thoroughbred business, and will continue to be our mainstay, mother nature can be tough.   By purchasing weanlings and short yearlings you can fill gaps in your sales stock for the year and allow for income, which given in to natures control can leave you in dark times come the end of the year.


Whether this be your goal or additionally to capitalize on a market that can provide quicker returns we find the weanling to yearling pinhooking venture to be a good fit. Diversification within your Thoroughbred portfolio, we find, to be smart business.


Bob Baffert inspects a Stonehaven yearli

We strive for success in all we do


 Our success to date can be seen in the sales ring and on the racetrack. With 19% stakes horses from runner bred and a 65% return on investment in the 2018-2019 pinhooking venture. While this is not an expectation it will remain our goal.


As a sales consignment in 2018 Stonehaven Steadings sold 18 horses for a total of $3.2 million for an average sale price of $150,000.


As a farm we've bred and raised Champion and stallion Shanghai Bobby, raised a Kentucky stallion in Daredevil, multiple of Graded Stakes horses, 18% GSH from all horses to race:


Shanghai Bobby (MG1W)

Daredevil (G1W)

Colorful Charades (G1P)

Olive Branch (G2P)

Hour Glass (G1W)

Upper Cut (G3P)