A letter to our future owners...

Our team and family at Stonehaven Steadings would like thank you for seeing this exceptional yearling as we do, as a horse of unlimited ability and potential. We parallel our raising process with the creation of fine wine.

For generations the Lopez de Heredia family has devoted themselves to producing exceptional and unique wines. It was the great wine maker himself who said, "Many conditions have to be fulfilled for our wines to achieve that superlative quality which makes them live on in the memory of those who have tasted them. The personality of our wine is influenced by climate, soil, attention in the vineyards, wine making and finally, by the care it receives in the cellar during the lengthy period of aging in oak barrels before its bottle aging." The vineyards quality is controlled through careful management and timing as to when the wines are to be released. The family and its team at Tondonia have just released TodoniaReserva 2004.

This wine is very special and we feel our farms mission and procedures parallel their vineyard. Many similar conditions have to be fulfilled to produce some of theworlds’ best racehorses. Stonehaven Steadings comprises 300 acres of some of the most pristine and productive land in Central Kentucky. Our lands at Stonehaven Steadings have produced 5 champions including Arazi, Fly so Free, Zilzal, Ajdal, most recently Shanghai Bobby and Grade 1 winner Daredevil, both of whom are popular young sires currently residing in Kentucky. Great attention to detail is paid to all aspects of our business from the initial mating selections, to the intricate management of the horses and the land on which they are raised.

Like the Lopez family we are careful to maintain our focus on quality rather than quantity and have established a boutique broodmare band that we are proud of.

We take great pride in the horses that we raise and we are excited for their future as we hand them over to you for the next stage of their life. We will follow their career with great anticipation. We believe in our ability and flexibility to accept and adapt to changes in environment and industry. The dynamic and aesthetic concepts in maintaining eternal principals and criteria for breeding, keeps us marching forward. We wish you great fortune with your yearling, we pray for quick feet, smooth breaks and exciting finishes.!God speed.

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