All Money on the Pegasus

I must admit when the idea of the Pegasus World Cup was first announced in 2017 I was interested to see how it would be received. By not just our industry but also the world.

What the Stronach Group has done is admirable, enjoyable to watch, and encouraging. In a strong market we've seen an exciting build up to this race, especially during a time that would typically be quiet in horse racing with not much going on. 9 of the 12 spots were filled before or by the deadline and with articles in Yahoo Financial and Forbes, people are taking notice of the new "World's Richest Race," and I'm hopeful that our industry will continue to thrive as it has the last couple of years.

Not only has the Stronach Group set out theoretical "catnip' for the worlds wealthy, but I've been impressed with the draw on horse players and general public alike. The addition of the Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship (PWCBC) has been dubbed 'the most player friendly handicapping tournament.' With an automatic guaranteed pool of $300,000 why not give it a try? Stronach's mission, not only draws a top class field of horses for the horseplayers but also provides entertainment for the general public which includes live music, dancers and more. The entertainment industry is upping the ante and our industry needs to follow suit.

All of this plus the inevitable A list celebs, not only will all the money be on the Pegasus but hopefully all eyes on our industry!

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